Health, Safety and Environmental Statement of Intent


Commitment from Senior Management (GM): We are committed to "Health, Safety and Environment performance that is critical to everyone within our business and, is an important ingredient of our company values".

We are committed to achieving the best possible Health, Safety and Environment and developing the correct safety behaviours, ultimately this is about not injuring people and adversely affecting iII health or causing damage to the Environment.

The Dhuruma O&M Integrated Management System is the company’s most effective tool for meeting the company health, safety and environmental objectives dependent upon an initial and ongoing commitment to compliance and continual improvement that begins with the upper management and includes all employees.


Health, Safety and Environmental Management is the process for assuring that the appropriate practices are adopted and; an Integrated Management System is maintained that will meet the requirements of the ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Objectives, Standards, and Requirements:

  • We are committed to comply with all applicable local Health, Safety and Environmental legislation and Engie such requirements.
  • We are committed to protect the environment, including the prevention of pollution of Air, land and underground water sources relevant to the context of organizations business.
  • Our Health, Safety and Environmental objective will include; action plans, measurable targets in our business, including incentives by supporting continual improvements in Health, Safety and Environmental performance.
  • We will identify all significant work place hazards and aspects and strive to eliminate or appropriately control them to reduce any risks arising from them.
  • We will ensure the consultation and participation with our employees, contractors, regulators, partners and those who work with us; "when significant changes to; Law, Equipment Design and Health, Safety and Environment ", We will ensure effective communication of any changes directly to those who will be affected by those changes.
  • We discuss matters in a transparent way and maintain effective relationships at all levels.
  • We will ensure adequate planning, preparation and response for emergency situations and associated crisis management.
  • We will drive proactively and engage a positive safety culture throughout the organization a 'Just and fair' culture to encourage the reporting of all incidents, incidents and near misses for the purposes of analyzing and learning, to prevent future incidents.
  • We will share good Health, Safety and Environmental practices and learning points across our company.
  • We will communicate this policy effectively to all relevant stakeholders and interested parties in an honest and open manner.

Policy Owner: General Manager

Review Date: 31st December 2024